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26th-Oct-2008 12:08 am - Breast milk for a 4 year old...
This is not so much a question as it is a general rambling.

I've been talking for a while about relactating, for several reasons.

I am most likely going to be donating the milk that I produce if this even works.

I use cows milk on my sons cereal (he's 4 and weaned a good while ago). I'm fairly certain it would be healthier and better for him and probably yummier to use breastmilk for his cereal and other foods with milk in.

But I guess I just wanted to air this idea out and see what y'all think....weird or not?

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13th-Feb-2008 06:30 pm - breastmilk in the fridge
the queen bee
Hello! I just joined the community. I have a 10 week old daughter, and while I mostly feed her from the breast, occasionally she gets expressed milk. She's perfectly fine with the milk if it's only been at room temperature (i.e. she's eating it within a few hours of it being pumped), but if we try to give her milk that's been in the fridge, she won't eat it (pulls away from the bottle, lets it dribble out of her mouth, cries). We've tried giving it to her both cold and warmed up in a bottle warmer, but she reacts the same either way. Have any of you had this problem? Is it just a matter of finding the right temperature, or does the taste change enough that some babies won't eat it from the fridge? I'd like to build up a store of frozen breastmilk, but obviously it won't be useful if she won't eat it.

14th-Jan-2008 11:20 am - tattoo while bf-ing?
Me in Italy
Anybody know if there is anything wrong with getting a tattoo while breastfeeding? I'm really excited to get my next tat, but I won't if it means I can't breastfeed for any real amount of time. (cross-posted)
25th-Nov-2007 05:15 pm - ADHD/ADD Moms...
I know that I need to get back on meds for my Adult ADHD but am not sure what's safe or effective while nursing. Does anyone have any experience bring while on the meds for ADHD/ADD?


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20th-Nov-2007 08:48 am - Beginning to Recover.
Thanks to everyone that had suggestions on my last post about sore, cracked & bleeding nipples. I haven't had much computer time, so didn't get a chance to reply.

I took Blake to the weigh-in last week and he's up to 9 lbs. There I had him nurse just a few minutes on each side so that the LC could check his latch. He's latching great and occassionally slipping, resulting in gumming the nipple. I'm pretty good at taking him off and making him relatch when he does that though. I was amazed to find out that he managed to eat 2 oz. during just the short time he nursed!

The LC gave me some nipple shields to wear, but they didn't work for me. They weren't quite big enough so they sat on the areoles - which were also sore. Plus they kept slipping and made me even more sore. I backed off on the nursing and pumping for awhile by only pumping every other feeding and not nursing for a few days. Lanolin helped too and I've gone through almost my entire tube of it.

Even though I've lost some of milk supply by backing off so much, this has allowed me to heal quite a bit. I'm still sore, but am able to nurse Blake a few times a day. Now I'm nursing him during the day, alternating sides for feedings, and supplementing with formula afterwards. (Good news: he's not taking much formula after his feedings, which hopefully means that he's getting more from me). At night I'm pumping and feeding him expressed B-milk or formula. I've actually had to learn how to take him off the breast. *LOL* I think if I'd let him, he'd nurse 24 hours a day (to eat and comfort nursing). However, for the sake of my poor nipples, I just can't let him comfort nurse yet.

Before I had to "back off", I was nursing & pumping during the day (at every feeding) and pumping at night. This is what my LC had advised to do to increase my milk supply. I hope to heal enough to get back to that routine - or at least being able to nurse at every feeding.

Question: How long do you let your baby nurse on each side? I've heard that a baby can empty a breast in 10 minutes and been told to let him nurse 15 minutes on each side. But once Blake latches on, he wants to stay on that side for what seems forever. I end up taking him off after about 30 minutes.
19th-Nov-2007 06:13 pm - too much feeding??
Baby Kaylee and Me
My 9 day old daughter's feeding schedule got totally messed up yesterday due to her naming ceremony, and now today she wants to eat pretty much every hour instead of every 2-3. Is there anything wrong with letter her feed that often while I'm awake anyway? Or will that just make her want to eat that often all the time? She's been eating for 15-20 minutes each feeding. TIA.
15th-Nov-2007 10:06 pm - saddened
snakes, johnny, and smart ass sayings
My son has been battling reflux. I decided today after steam cleaning the couch...
again...for the fourth time, i would try supplimenting to see what would it be like for him. It worked. He was keeping everything down. Then I take a notion to BF him to comfort him, he was cranky, he spit it all up. Now Im a sad. He been gaining weight just fine, but you can tell he was miserable. And the little bumps on his face cleared up today as well. Im heartbroken. I feel in a round about way, I've made him uncomfrotable these last few weeks. Im a sad sad duck.
14th-Nov-2007 10:17 pm - Sore, Cracked, Bleeding......
wet red rose
Yesterday I wanted to entirely stop breastfeeding........ a few things going on.

On day 4 we had to start supplementing with formula because my son's (Blake's) jaundice was so bad. We've had to continue supplementing ever since because Blake is an "inefficient feeder" and I'm not producing very much milk. I guess the two of them go hand in hand. I had a breast reduction 7 years ago and had quite a bit of tissue taken. I'm assuming that's why I can't make enough for him. I pump after each feeding and am only able to get 1.5-2 oz, depending on how Blake fed on the breast. He's now a month old and taking 3-5 oz per feeding. Our feeding routine consists of: breastfeeding, bottle feeding expressed b-milk, bottle feeding formula, soothing him until I get a chance to pump b-milk for the next feeding. Alone, this entire feeding process can take up to 1.5-2 hours. With my husband doing the bottle feeding it takes about 30-60 minutes. It's very frustrating, especially when Blake doesn't want to latch properly...or moreso falls asleep on the boob and won't eat. (He sucks down the bottle every time, but just doesn't want to work for his milk - or maybe the breast comforts him so much that he just falls asleep. *shrugs*)

I've tried to increase my milk supply by drinking tons of water and pumping every 3 hours religiously, whether or not Blake wants to eat....but nothing seems to work. So question #1 is how do I ever get my milk production to increase adequately?

I've used the nipple shield for about 3 weeks now to help with Blake's latch. It works great and now he's able to latch properly without it. Suddenly he's finally figured out breastfeeding. However, now my nipples are so sore that I can't stand to feed him anymore. Yesterday morning I let him feed on the left, in which I have hardly any pain perception. (I have a large numb area from surgery.) We both fell asleep nursing and he nursed on that side 45-60 minutes. I discovered in the shower yesterday that now I have bleeding cracks on that nipple. Both of my nipples are now so sore that I have to either wear a bra with nursing pads & lanolin (so nothing rubs) or go topless. Even if I go topless at night I can't pull the covers up 'cuz it hurts if they touch me....but then again the cold air hurts too. I can't even put Blake up on my shoulder to burp because his legs hit my breasts. Breastfeeding is excruciating on either side now. I'm taking Tylenol religiously and use lanolin whenever I pump and have turned down the suction on the pump. So question #2 is how to do I get my nipples to heal?

I would like to continue breastfeeding as much as I can, but some days it's so frustrating I want to quit. My goal right now is to get my nipples to heal. Then I feel I may be able to make it through the next month.
14th-Nov-2007 01:47 pm - early breastfeeding questions
Baby Kaylee and Me
I just gave birth this past Saturday and have some bf-ing questions... My daughter was having a hard time getting a good latch and it was killing my nipples and she wasn't eating enough, so the lactation consultant got me started using a nipple shield while I nurse and it has made it much easier! But I'm a little concerned that I'll never be able to feed without one. It's not the end of the world if that happens, because my daughter is still getting breast milk, but I'm curious about people's experiences with nipple shields.

Also, I will be pumping for when I go back to work, but I wasn't planning on starting until about 3 weeks because I didn't want to feed her with a bottle because of nipple confusion. Now that I'm using the nipple shield anyway, is there are reason not to pump and feed via bottle (more so that my husband can feed her and I can get more than 2 hours of sleep at a time). I actually already pumped once because my milk is coming in and my breast were getting so hard, even after feeding her for as long as she would go they were still dripping with milk. Now I have a little bottle of milk and am not sure what to do with it (it's in the fridge for now). And along those lines, how many oz do newborns eat in one sitting if they are eating out of a bottle? I've been going by the time and her desire to gage how much I should be feeding, since boobs don't exactly have oz markers on them (wouldn't that be funny?)

Thanks in advance! (I'm so excited about this community, BTW)
11th-Nov-2007 11:53 pm - opened eyes
thanks for the alternative approach to daddy's participating in the feeding process myinnerlizard. i have been tossing ideas around in my head as to a better way to incoporate my husband into the entire routine. i get the feeling at times that he feels left out especially when he starts making his "boobie" comments, even though he has his own bonding time with the little one. although she is still too young to play any games. i know my husband would get a kick out of it. not to mention that it might break down the newfound mystique revolving around the lactating boob rather than the pleasure pillows that he loved so much before all the feeling began.
9th-Nov-2007 01:24 am(no subject)
Okay, I figured that since all of the other mods have posted introductions I should probably do the same. And I also think that it's necessary for me to expound upon how I feel about lactation so that you all aren't worried that I'm taking advantage of you to get my jollies, as a few people in the booju_newju thread have suggested I was.

To be honest, I actually haven't breast fed at all.

I do, however, lactate. That's why I wanted to join breastfeeding in the first place-- to get information on my breasts and hear suggestions on what I should do with them.

I hope that my experiences prove to be valuable ones, since my route to having breast milk was not conventional and required a bit of screwing around with my body's chemistry.
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Would you be comfortable with my remaining a mod?


Additional thoughts, further explanations, and other comments?

Please note that I am going to be the only one who can see your responses to this poll and that I won't hold a grudge.
Also, even if it looks like one answer is in the lead, I will take into account whether or not people are my LJ friends, and if it looks like most of the people who are saying "yes" are on my f-list and most of the people saying "no" are not, I will definitely take that into consideration with respect to de-modding myself.
6th-Nov-2007 07:08 pm - Just a hello.
Well thank God for this place!

My daughter is nearly 8 weeks old (on Thursday) and was 3 and a half weeks early, due to my developing pre-e. She spent 10 days in the NICU (the hardest thing in the world!) and so our breastfeeding has been bumpy. Her latch is excellent and it always starts out great but i don't think she'll ever nurse long enough to get full or empty a breast. So she does get expressed milk and some formula. i'm fine with this, although i'm hoping with baby #2 we'll do better with bf.

Right now my main issue is what happens after she nurses or i pump: i get blanched nipples, where they become very painful, white and hard. Not fun. At least it never happens while she's nursing though.

The other thing is we're planning to get pregnant again (i've already ovulated even though i thought nursing/pumping might delay that) and my OB said i will have to stop breastfeeding as soon as i get pregnant. He's normally very common sense and laid back with things so this took me by surprise. From everything i've read this doesn't really seem necessary but i'll definitely discuss it with him when i find myself pregnant again.

i was a member of the other breastfeeding com for a while after she was born, trying to get help and advice... i can't stand judgemental people so that didn't last long. So, hello!
6th-Nov-2007 09:13 am - ultrasound
snakes, johnny, and smart ass sayings
My son has been fighting a battle since he was about 2 weeks old. He spits up. Alot. And for a breastfeed baby, it surprised the crap out of me when I first saw it. Its one of the benifits of breastfeeding that I rather enjoy(ed).

At first they thought it was a milk allergy, so I quite the consumption of dairy, that should show you the love of a mother, to give up cheese!?. No change. At one point they wanted to pull him off my the breast and try a formula. I fought that with HELLO! Breastmilk is easier to digest, and much healthier, if not, I dont think he would be gaining weight the way he has while doing all this spitting up.

Alot of self research and several doctor visits later, we're thinking reflux. Medication isnt working. So today were having an ultrasound done on his little stomach to see of its a muscle problem not letting his milk stay down.

I hope there is nothing wrong with my son, but I hope this finds something so we can get this fixed and he can keep his food down. I dont care about the extra laundry, and hes gaining weight just fine, its just he has to be miserable at times. And to be honest, maybe he will sleep better since he will be able to actually able to lay flat again!
6th-Nov-2007 10:27 am - Punky Moms
Art - Starry Night
Two posts in a row, I do feel prolific. I just had to check this was all right with shemale before I posted it. Having been given the go-ahead from her (thanks lovie!), I would like to plug my most favourite of parenting forums to you all!
Punky Moms is a world-wide group of coffee drinking, nose wiping, picture taking, tear drying, concert going, ink loving, music playing, hair dying, fierce loving, sleep lacking, opinion making, hard working mamas. We aren't all of one voice, but together we make a lot of noise.
I've been a member of Punky Moms for going on two years and I've seriously never known anywhere like it. If you're looking for a parenting support group where you can talk about anything and nobody gets their panties in a bunch when someone drops the F-Bomb, this is your new home.

Punky Moms
6th-Nov-2007 08:44 am - Baaaa!
Art - Starry Night
Following the crowd for once, here's a message from another co-moderator.

My name is Anji, I'm 21 years old and the proud mama of Orion Taliesin who is two years and two months old. I breastfed him for three weeks. Not three years or even three months - three weeks. Here's my story.

When my son was born, he and I had what the midwife called 'a beautiful breastfeeding relationship'. He knew how to latch on immediately, I was comfortable, everything was great. I planned to breastfeed until he chose to stop.

Then a few days later, it started to hurt. I don't mean a bit of pain, I mean absolute agony ripping through my breasts and nipples every time he fed. The midwife, and then the health visitor, both told me there was nothing wrong. "He's latched fine. It shouldn't hurt." I couldn't help but think "It's all very well telling me it shouldn't hurt, but it bloody well does!" We were doing everything right and it hurt like hell. My nipples cracked and bled, and a few days later I got what the doctor told me was flu - the health visitor later confirmed it was mastitis.

By now I was pumping whenever possible because I just couldn't handle the pain of my son suckling. It had gotten to the point where I was hiding in the bathroom bawling my eyes out whenever my son made a 'hungry' cry. It was an absolute nightmare.

Eventually, at 11pm one night, my son's father looked at me, sitting topless on the sofa, tears streaming down my face while my son nursed oblivious to my pain, and said gently "Are you sure you don't want to buy some milk and just try it?" I thought for a while, weighing up the guilt against the pain, and the pain won. He called his mum, who went to the 24-hour supermarket and managed to find some Hipp Organic formula (the only vegetarian one we knew of).

Hands shaking, I made up the bottle and popped it into my son's mouth. He started glugging away and I looked down at him and suddenly felt peaceful. My son was being fed, and he didn't have a miserable mummy. I don't feel so guilty about that.

Despite my bad experience I am a huge advocate of breastfeeding. If I should be so fortunate as to have another child, I will definitely be giving it another go, this time armed with all the knowledge and information I have gathered since then, the support of my friends and of communities like this one.

I hope that my limited breastfeeding experience does not preclude me from being a useful and respected member of this community. While I stopped very, very early I have spent much time with breastfeeding mothers since then, and being a radical feminist means I have a great, unquenchable interest in women's health.

I'm pleased to meet you all, anyway. I have a feeling this community is destined for great things!
5th-Nov-2007 03:07 pm - Since Lakini did it
I'll do a proper "hey I'm co-modding, this is me" thing too.

I realized last night that I am coming up on 5 years of accumulated nursing time, between 2 kids, one of whom is latched on right now. As a rule, if I'm on the computer, she's on my tit. And since i'm the type to over research things, I have information for those who need it.

I may be more of a "Lactivist" than is average for this comm, because I do believe that barring unusual circumstances, babies should be breastfed, but I also believe it's not up to me to judge which circumstances are good enough not to. Well, unless your whole reason is "eww" then I will quietly judge you, tbh. But I'm not as much of one as many, because I don't think blaming women for not nursing, or weaning early or whatever is productive or fair, because it's society's fault, duh.

I've never modded an lj comm before, but I've modded lists and such, and I'm just a co-mod.
Just in case any socks or whatever get into this community from breastfeeding- which, was not something I had really been too "frightened" of- there's a very valid reason that people think you guys are assholes.
One of your mods created a sockpuppet to harass one of the members of this community. Word to the wise, if your reason for denial was, in fact her drama tendencies, you should have just kept your big yap shut.

Also I would like to take a minute to address something- there is a very similar rule here as there is in brutal_honesty.
Find you taking someone's personal shit elsewhere? Out you go. And members here are everywhere, believe that. ;)
5th-Nov-2007 07:05 am - Howdy, hey
I guess as one of the mods, here, I ought to introduce myself.

I've had the term "Boob_Nazi" thrown at me a time or two, but I believe that's more than likely due to the fact that I
1. did have a breastfeeding icon for a while,
2. have friends who are fairly rabid, and
3. breastfed my oldest until he was 22 months and am still breastfeeding my youngest, who is now 20 months.

I have been through just about every breastfeeding related issue you can throw at me, and am, frustratedly, at times, still breastfeeding.

Personally, while I believe in extended breastfeeding, I am also not of the opinion outlined in the breastfeeding userinfo. Breastfeeding, like any other parenting decision, is a personal choice. I do not believe it is a baby's birthright, I believe it's something done out of love and informed opinions, and having said all of that, I feel it is best, but only if as a family the choices have been completely analyzed and all involved feel that it is, in fact, the best choice for their family, as a whole.
I don't believe that applies across the board, nor do I believe it is something you can BLACK AND WHITE issue on.
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5th-Nov-2007 01:59 pm - let me kick off with the first Q
trash babby
I only comfort nurse my son as I'm on medication. I pump twice a day to keep the milk in.

He got a giant mouthful of the skin next to my nipple in my sleep and now I have a giant bruise with the skin being cracked. I didn't realize I was bleeding pretty badly until I woke up. It's not going to hurt him if he got a teaspoon of blood or so?

Or will he now turn into a vampire?
4th-Nov-2007 02:35 pm(no subject)
Hi, welcome to the community!

So I figured that it would be a good idea to make a single post where everyone joining this newly-formed community for people who have breast milk or who are interested in learning about breast milk can make suggestions, ask questions, introduce themselves, post pictures, post links to helpful places, make angry accusations (at me, at breastfeeding, at whomever), and whatever else is the appropriate thing to do in these kinds of posts. Or you guys could just make your own separate posts doing any of these things, whatever works best for you :D
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