Maevele (maevele) wrote in breast_milk,

Since Lakini did it

I'll do a proper "hey I'm co-modding, this is me" thing too.

I realized last night that I am coming up on 5 years of accumulated nursing time, between 2 kids, one of whom is latched on right now. As a rule, if I'm on the computer, she's on my tit. And since i'm the type to over research things, I have information for those who need it.

I may be more of a "Lactivist" than is average for this comm, because I do believe that barring unusual circumstances, babies should be breastfed, but I also believe it's not up to me to judge which circumstances are good enough not to. Well, unless your whole reason is "eww" then I will quietly judge you, tbh. But I'm not as much of one as many, because I don't think blaming women for not nursing, or weaning early or whatever is productive or fair, because it's society's fault, duh.

I've never modded an lj comm before, but I've modded lists and such, and I'm just a co-mod.
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