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Just a hello.

Well thank God for this place!

My daughter is nearly 8 weeks old (on Thursday) and was 3 and a half weeks early, due to my developing pre-e. She spent 10 days in the NICU (the hardest thing in the world!) and so our breastfeeding has been bumpy. Her latch is excellent and it always starts out great but i don't think she'll ever nurse long enough to get full or empty a breast. So she does get expressed milk and some formula. i'm fine with this, although i'm hoping with baby #2 we'll do better with bf.

Right now my main issue is what happens after she nurses or i pump: i get blanched nipples, where they become very painful, white and hard. Not fun. At least it never happens while she's nursing though.

The other thing is we're planning to get pregnant again (i've already ovulated even though i thought nursing/pumping might delay that) and my OB said i will have to stop breastfeeding as soon as i get pregnant. He's normally very common sense and laid back with things so this took me by surprise. From everything i've read this doesn't really seem necessary but i'll definitely discuss it with him when i find myself pregnant again.

i was a member of the other breastfeeding com for a while after she was born, trying to get help and advice... i can't stand judgemental people so that didn't last long. So, hello!
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