Foxie (foxbaby) wrote in breast_milk,

let me kick off with the first Q

I only comfort nurse my son as I'm on medication. I pump twice a day to keep the milk in.

He got a giant mouthful of the skin next to my nipple in my sleep and now I have a giant bruise with the skin being cracked. I didn't realize I was bleeding pretty badly until I woke up. It's not going to hurt him if he got a teaspoon of blood or so?

Or will he now turn into a vampire?
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Whoa?! good question!
No, it definitely won't hurt him. It's pretty common for babies to ingest blood especially in the beginning when mother's nipples can crack and bleed a bit.
he doesn't seem any worse for wear, just crankalicious as usual haha
IAWTC, I woke up the other morning with a hickie on my nipple do to him self rooting and trying to attach himself.
I get those on occassion, but never giant bleeding wounds lol
I want a vampire baby! I mean heck were already staying up all night and sleeping all day!
This made me lol so hard.
Thank you.
Yeah, worst case scenario would be that he'd spit up blood with 24 hours, and you'd panic that the baby is puking blood and forget for a minute that he drank blood. Then you'd remember THAT's why he's puking blood, and calm down.

Not that I've done anything like that.
he only pukes up delicious puke lol
My son latched onto cracked bleeding nipple more than once and it didn't kill him. His teeth do seem to be growing in kind of... pointy, though...