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Beginning to Recover.

Thanks to everyone that had suggestions on my last post about sore, cracked & bleeding nipples. I haven't had much computer time, so didn't get a chance to reply.

I took Blake to the weigh-in last week and he's up to 9 lbs. There I had him nurse just a few minutes on each side so that the LC could check his latch. He's latching great and occassionally slipping, resulting in gumming the nipple. I'm pretty good at taking him off and making him relatch when he does that though. I was amazed to find out that he managed to eat 2 oz. during just the short time he nursed!

The LC gave me some nipple shields to wear, but they didn't work for me. They weren't quite big enough so they sat on the areoles - which were also sore. Plus they kept slipping and made me even more sore. I backed off on the nursing and pumping for awhile by only pumping every other feeding and not nursing for a few days. Lanolin helped too and I've gone through almost my entire tube of it.

Even though I've lost some of milk supply by backing off so much, this has allowed me to heal quite a bit. I'm still sore, but am able to nurse Blake a few times a day. Now I'm nursing him during the day, alternating sides for feedings, and supplementing with formula afterwards. (Good news: he's not taking much formula after his feedings, which hopefully means that he's getting more from me). At night I'm pumping and feeding him expressed B-milk or formula. I've actually had to learn how to take him off the breast. *LOL* I think if I'd let him, he'd nurse 24 hours a day (to eat and comfort nursing). However, for the sake of my poor nipples, I just can't let him comfort nurse yet.

Before I had to "back off", I was nursing & pumping during the day (at every feeding) and pumping at night. This is what my LC had advised to do to increase my milk supply. I hope to heal enough to get back to that routine - or at least being able to nurse at every feeding.

Question: How long do you let your baby nurse on each side? I've heard that a baby can empty a breast in 10 minutes and been told to let him nurse 15 minutes on each side. But once Blake latches on, he wants to stay on that side for what seems forever. I end up taking him off after about 30 minutes.
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