Master of Disaster (tonapah) wrote in breast_milk,
Master of Disaster

breastmilk in the fridge

Hello! I just joined the community. I have a 10 week old daughter, and while I mostly feed her from the breast, occasionally she gets expressed milk. She's perfectly fine with the milk if it's only been at room temperature (i.e. she's eating it within a few hours of it being pumped), but if we try to give her milk that's been in the fridge, she won't eat it (pulls away from the bottle, lets it dribble out of her mouth, cries). We've tried giving it to her both cold and warmed up in a bottle warmer, but she reacts the same either way. Have any of you had this problem? Is it just a matter of finding the right temperature, or does the taste change enough that some babies won't eat it from the fridge? I'd like to build up a store of frozen breastmilk, but obviously it won't be useful if she won't eat it.

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