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Breast Milk

For People Who've got Milk!

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breast_milk is a community dedicated to being a resource full of information about and support for people who are planning on making decisions about lactation or who are simply interested in learning more about it.

While non-lactating men are welcome to join the community for information-- especially for their lactating partners-- breast_milk's purpose is to revolve around the issues important to breastfeeding people.

Some examples of topics that this community revolves around are:

  • Questions about pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • Deciding whether formula-feeding, breastfeeding, or a combination of both are best for you. While this community does recognize that research indicates that breastfeeding has benefits not available through formula-feeding, members are expected to respect the decisions of each other.

  • Information about weaning

  • Experienced and here to offer support and knowledge

  • Questions about inducing lactation, relactating, or increasing milk production

  • And almost anything else breast milk related

The Rules:

  • No racism, transphobia, homophobia, religious bigotry, xenophobia, or the like. Calling another user a slur along any of those axes will get you banned without warning or notice.

  • Do not flame other users for decisions they have already made about their bodies.

  • Do not disable, freeze, screen, or delete comments for any reason, and never delete posts.

  • Do not comment or harass users in their personal journals as a result of a conflict here. Keep the debates to this community and stay out of people's journals.

  • You can choose to friends-lock or not to!

  • Spam and porn posts will be deleted without fanfare and the responsible users banned and reported. This is not intended to be a fetish community.

  • The content of any friends-locked post in this community is not to be reproduced elsewhere. Doing so will result in instant bannination!


  • Provide links to your source material if you are giving medical advice.

  • We are all very aware that the WHO says that babies should be breast fed for two years. Please don't use that as an excuse to call so so-and-so an idiot for suggesting alternatives to people who have decided that this is not the best option for them.

This community is an alternative to some of the other LiveJournal communities addressing breast milk which rigidly revolve around a political agenda and cut off the availability of their advice to those who do not toe that line; the breast_milk community is based on an understanding that, while it may be the only option some see for themselves and their children, breastfeeding can be a lot of work and should not be required of everyone, and breast_milk members are expected to respect other people's decisions about what to and not to do with their bodies. After all, everyone deserves a safe place to ask questions about their bodies without judgment!

Here are a few other communities for breast milk:



Check out La Leche League for more information on breastfeeding, or call 1-877-4-LALECHE (1-877-525-3243) for 24 hour toll-free breastfeeding helpline services in the US!

Punky Moms forum-- an absolutely fabulous place for 'alternative' parents of all kinds!

Contact the mods at mods.has.breastmilk@gmail.com if you have any questions!