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Okay, I figured that since all of the other mods have posted introductions I should probably do the same. And I also think that it's necessary for me to expound upon how I feel about lactation so that you all aren't worried that I'm taking advantage of you to get my jollies, as a few people in the booju_newju thread have suggested I was.

To be honest, I actually haven't breast fed at all.

I do, however, lactate. That's why I wanted to join breastfeeding in the first place-- to get information on my breasts and hear suggestions on what I should do with them.

I hope that my experiences prove to be valuable ones, since my route to having breast milk was not conventional and required a bit of screwing around with my body's chemistry.

That said, I'm probably one of the least experienced people here when it comes to actually having breast milk-- not to mention breastfeeding-- because I've only been lactating for a little under a month.

But I do plan on adopting some time in the next year or two (if I can find an agency who will let me adopt; I am aware that there are quite a few which don't take kindly to queers) and breastfeeding if my adopted child is of the appropriate age to do so.

However, to be honest, I am in fact interested in lactation beyond feeding babies, as has been suggested elsewhere.
I think that lactation is beautiful.
Occasionally and in some circumstances, beautiful in the same way that other parts and functions of the body of the person or bodies of people who you are attracted to.
I don't think that there is really a way for me to try to explain it without sounding like I'm trying to cover it up or rationalize it away out of shame; that is just how I feel.

However, that does not extend to breastfeeding. THE BABIES DO NOTHING D:
I am not, in spite of what at least one person has suggested, a pedophile, thnx.

And I did not create this community so that I could oggle other people's stories, questions, and information; that's creepy and exploitative.

The fact that I think lactation is beautiful is not why I wanted to join breastfeeding. I wanted to join there because they have a sort of monopoly on active LJ communities which deal primarily with breast milk.

And my rejection from that community isn't the only reason I wanted to start this one. Not only is breastfeeding, from what I've read, more a political soapbox than a place for support where people are ridiculed for not toeing their line, it's also runs very much contrary to the notion that women's bodies belong to them and not to someone else-- in this case, babies. As lakinicoyote has said in her post, women's bodies don't exist for the sole purpose of creating and caring for babies. If someone is unhappy with only breastfeeding and wants to learn about alternatives for whatever reason (not enough time, physical pain, emotional discomfort, milk supply not being high enough, and so forth) they should not have to defend their right to be a parent to a bunch of vicious asshats on the internet.
And, again as lakinicoyote has implied, one's tits do not stop being erogenous zones and turn into feedbags once you start lactating, and you should be able to talk about situations with your partner or whomever as they pertain to your boobs without someone jumping down your throat.

That said, to be honest, the most "inappropriate" I've done with my boobies since they've started producing milk is to squirt milk out of them for like ten or fifteen minutes and giggle.


Would you be comfortable with my remaining a mod?


Additional thoughts, further explanations, and other comments?

Please note that I am going to be the only one who can see your responses to this poll and that I won't hold a grudge.
Also, even if it looks like one answer is in the lead, I will take into account whether or not people are my LJ friends, and if it looks like most of the people who are saying "yes" are on my f-list and most of the people saying "no" are not, I will definitely take that into consideration with respect to de-modding myself.
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I think I just got squirted in the eye

last time I hug you without protection
don't worry bb I will wear a rubber shield from now on
I didn't really imply anything, I think I pretty well straight out said it. I have been friends with you a few months, now, and not once did you ever ask to see any pics, or say anything inappropriate about my nursing pictures, or when I talk about nursing. The way I am in my journal, I have had a few people say things that were 'out of the ordinary', but you never did, in regards to my being a breastfeeding mother.
While I have been quite open about my questioning your motivations insofar as the "trolling" factor of joining breastfeeding to start shit or something, I have never once considered your reasons somehow morally inappropriate.
For those who do not know, I did not accept the mod thing, at first, it was really only after the mods at breastfeeding handled this so badly and I thought about all the stupid, fucked up things they have allowed people to say to mothers who genuinely needed help and support. Further than that, I thought about the way people respond when they find out I am a breastfeeding mother, on the basis of that community, and that's not right, either.
I've mentioned before, I've several mentees (Non adopt a mom related) that came out of drama in that community, three of which are now hitting the year and a half marker for extended nursing- who might not have, due to the overall meanness and lack of understanding they encountered via breastfeeding.
Having said that, I still have friends that are active in that community and I do not begrudge them that, at all. It's just not everyone's cup of tea.
Yeah, I had "said" in there but couldn't quote you directly and didn't want to put words in your mouth...
And thank you. For all of those things :)
What the hell you doing up so early?
You mean late.
(who needs sleep, amirite?)


10 years ago

Oh, and furthermore, I know two people who created sockpuppets to get into that community, because they did not want people knowing that they were a part of it. Not for trolling purposes, because they did not want people associating them with the crazy.
That shit ain't right.


10 years ago

The breastfeeding default icon drama was enough for a lot of people...
the most "inappropriate" I've done with my boobies since they've started producing milk is to squirt milk out of them for like ten or fifteen minutes and giggle.

Yeah... lakini thinks it is quite clever to catch me unawares with a stream from her milk cannons, most often while I am driving and am more or less defenseless. My rear view mirror, windshield and dash bear evidence to this. So, you're not alone in that amusement.
it might be inappropriate for you to mod a human placentophagy community, but not this one.
Someone actually suggested you were a pedophile? Shwa?
well it was one of the dirtywhiteboi clique so I guess it doesn't really count, but yeah.
Oh yeah, his fri.. her.. its friends don't count.