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too much feeding??

My 9 day old daughter's feeding schedule got totally messed up yesterday due to her naming ceremony, and now today she wants to eat pretty much every hour instead of every 2-3. Is there anything wrong with letter her feed that often while I'm awake anyway? Or will that just make her want to eat that often all the time? She's been eating for 15-20 minutes each feeding. TIA.
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Is she exclusively breastfed?
I always nursed my son on demand and never watched the clock.It was hard to make him wait 2 hours until his next feed. The lactating consultant told me to watch the baby (feeding cues) and not the clock.
I would say it's ok to feed your baby as much as she wants because of my experience with my baby. My boy would spit up the excess food and he was fine and happy. He didn't have a feeding schedule during the day and would wake 3 times during the night to eat.
Hope it helps!
yes, she is exclusively breastfed. thanks.
could also be a growth spurt.

Naming ceramony.. can you please elaborate?
It's a Jewish tradition: boys have a briss and girls have a naming ceremony. Basically it was a party where we gave her her Hebew name (which is Tova).
Ahhhh ok, I thought it was like a "hippie" type name ceramony. I never put thought in if there was a female equalvalant. Very nice.

Deleted comment

Tova literally means "good" but commonly means "beautiful"
There is a growth spurt that happens between 7-10 days and since this is also the time when you are establishing your milk supply (in the first 6 weeks), you definitely want to feed her as much as she wants. More info here:
wow, that's perfect! she has been fussier too! thank you so much for this link! I feel so much better now!
I'd just feed her when she feels like it. My son never had a schedule - in fact it was only after spending time in intensive care at three months that he really got one, because his tummy got used to the four-hourly feeds there. Otherwise I don't think he would have gotten one until much later.