Ali (alirose) wrote in breast_milk,

tattoo while bf-ing?

Anybody know if there is anything wrong with getting a tattoo while breastfeeding? I'm really excited to get my next tat, but I won't if it means I can't breastfeed for any real amount of time. (cross-posted)
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Apparently it isn't safe to get a new tattoo while breastfeeding. Things range of ink allergies to infection to it not healing properly because of the energy the body needs to produce breastmilk.
i have heard conflicting reports, but all hearsay nothing from a medical professional. i've heard that the ink is too big to pass through to breast milk, but to me i think the risk of infection alone makes it not worth it to do while bfing.

i'm planning on waiting for my next tattoo until after i'm done myself.
Tattoos while breastfeeding are perfectly safe.

Ink allergies are exceptionally rare, and just as likely when not breastfeeding as when breastfeeding.

Risk of infection just shouldn't be an issue these days; people wouldn't tell you not to have an injection due to the risk of infection, and at any reputable tattooist the needles are industrial medical-grade one-use sterile needles. Twenty years ago infection might have been a risk, nowadays it's virtually unheard of unless you go into one of the places where the door is falling off and your feet are sticking to the ground... and the people who get tattooed in those places deserve all the infections they get along with their (usually) shitty-quality tattoo.

As for it not healing properly due to the energy the body requires to produce breast milk, I've never heard so much rubbish. When you breastfeed you're not an invalid. Nobody tells you not to shave because if you cut yourself your skin won't heal. You're not housebound through fear of injuring yourself and it not healing properly. Your body is a very clever machine and it really doesn't take that much more energy to produce breast milk as long as you are eating healthily.

The only thing that might stop me getting work done while breastfeeding is the possibility that I was making a mistake thanks to screwy hormones. That's unlikely for most people though. I would recommend talking to a decent tattooist for advice as well - talk to three or four because even tattooists are uninformed sometimes, and it's good to get more than one professional opinion.
"Nobody tells you not to shave because if you cut yourself your skin won't heal"


...I am breastfeeding, and I've been getting work done on my leg piece for several weeks now with no ill effects. :)